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Default Shield Set

Hi, I am starting PvP for the first time on my Dervish. I need a shield set and was wondering what I would be looking for. I am wanting to play RA for now and JQ. Running the AoG build on PvX Wiki.

Thankyou in advance
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I'm not a PvP expert by any means, but typically you'd have a spear with +5e and +30 health and shields with +10 armor vs <damage type> and +30 health. Try to figure out which damage types you'll need most in each fight. As a derv you'd likely want a set with +20% enchanting too.
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furious +5e/+5 armor spear and a full set of +30hp/+10 armor shields are what you'd want, although I'm usually too lazy to swap off a cripple reduction shield, even if it's not all that useful when Harrier's Grasp exists.

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