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Default Q&A Forum Rules and Frequently Asked Questions •Revised•

Welcome to the Questions & Answers forum!

The purpose of this forum is simple: someone asks a question, someone else answers it. Guild Wars Guru prides itself on having knowledgeable forum members and staff, and there is most likely someone here who can help you. However, following these general forum rules and tips will help you help yourself:
  • Start by checking the FAQ, forum stickies and/or the official wiki.
  • The regular Forum Rules and Guidelines apply here.
  • Please use punctuation, sentences, and paragraphs in your posts. We need to be able to read your post first before we can answer it. If you have trouble spelling or using punctuation well, you should check and Punctuation.
  • If you have a general inquiry about Rule Infractions, how to check your forums Infraction history or help on how to report a "bad" post/thread, then please check out "Rule Infractions, Warnings & Mini-Bans" in Site Feedback.

Things to NOT post about here:
  • If you have a question regarding Guild Wars 2, please take the time to head over to the new Guild Wars 2 Guru forum.
  • Price Checks. We have a separate forum for this.
  • Advice on skills/equipment/etc. These belong in the Campfire.
  • Discussion or debate topics. These belong in the Riverside Inn.
  • Forum related issues of any kind. Either leave a post in Site Feedback or contact the relevant moderator. If in doubt, send a PM to Marty Silverblade, or cosyfiep if your issue relates specifically to Ventari's Corner. Public rants about moderation related issues are never allowed.
  • Support issues. If you need to contact ArenaNet for whatever reason, you need to do so through their support channels. We cannot help you with these types of issues, and Guru is not an official point of contact for ArenaNet. Similarly, if you are not satisfied with the response you receive, we cannot help you.
  • We do not support things such as botting, buying gold and other EULA breaking activities, so asking about them will result in a thread deletion.

Also be aware that a moderator, at their discretion, may edit or delete posts containing information that is seriously incorrect or unsubstantiated. If you post something that is contentious or challenges the established understanding, be prepared to back it up with evidence.
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Default Frequently Asked Questions

This thread contains links to some common questions. GuildWiki and the official Guild Wars wiki can answer a lot of your basic questions, if you can't find your answers there then ask them here.

SEARCH!Forum-related questionsGeneral game questions
Item and equipment questions

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