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Originally Posted by WhiteAsIce
At Umbral Grotto, I sometimes see something like "LFG VFS HM"... What's VFS?
I suppose it was a typo: LFG VSF HM = Looking For Group Voltaic Spear Farm Hard Mode.
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Old Oct 01, 2008, 10:34 AM // 10:34   #42
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what is a 'toon'?
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Originally Posted by squiros View Post
what is a 'toon'?
Toon is what some people use to refer to their in-game characters (they can also be Avatars, but due to the contextual confusion available in forums, most likely not).

Toon = Character
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Someone posted "BHA" in relation to a ranger skill, can you add it AND what it means please?

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For the ranger question, BHA = Broad Head Arrow
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Old Oct 09, 2008, 05:58 PM // 17:58   #46
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VS - Voltaic Spear
H/H - ???
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H/H = Hench Heroes as far as i am aware, that is what i mean when i say it to people
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Ok, I updated a few I saw that weren't on there.


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nothing shall forestall my return."
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I see alot of people in the eye of the north (outpost) using DD for Destructions Depths too just incase anyone was wondering...
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Old Oct 10, 2008, 10:54 AM // 10:54   #50
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You have forgotten LOL (laughing out loud)
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whats MB, its not on the list but ive seen it before so im just wondering
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ayone know what zomg stands for?
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Old Nov 24, 2008, 07:49 PM // 19:49   #53
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OP = Original Poster
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AFAIK= As Far As I Know. (i hope)
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sb is more commonly referring to spirit bond than it is to spell breaker these days.
Originally Posted by xerzk View Post
whats MB, its not on the list but ive seen it before so im just wondering
Well, me and a few of my old guild-mates used to say it at the start of every match (as in, gl hf mb). For us, mb = make babies. That's probably a bit too esoteric for this list though. Even back then we got asked "wtf is mb" every other match.

If you saw it in pveland however, your guess is as good as mine. Moa bird, maybe?

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PBAoE - Point Black Area of Effect (inferno, aftershock, whirlwind etc)

PAoE - Pulsing Area of Effect (many elementalist skills, balthazaars aura (the 25 energy monk one)

Ecto (e) - Glob of Ectoplasm

GFTE/FTW - "Go For The Eyes!"/"Find Their Weakness" (try a r/p barrager with that o.O)
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FTW - "Go For The Eyes!"/"Find Their Weakness" (try a r/p barrager with that o.O)
What a horrible lie.

FTW - For The Win. Nobody uses Find Their Weakness.

And if you want good acronym dictionary - urban dictionary on google.
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Old Jan 08, 2009, 10:18 AM // 10:18   #59
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I'm gonna cop out and use copy/paste here from something similar i started 2 1/2 years ago on our guild forum, so apologies for the excessively large post
Its overdue an update but skills wise i went for key/commonly used skill abbreviations rather than ever skill under the sun

Guildwars Chapters/Continents

Prophecies - Tyria
Factions - Cantha
Nightfall - Elona - NF
Eye of The North - GW:EN - EoTN - Tyrian Expansion

Commonly Used Chat Terms

ATM - At the minute
FFRP - Free Form Role Playing
FFS - For RED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GOs Sake. When either you or someone else messes up.
FTL - For The Loss
FTW - For The Win
GN/NN - Goodnight/Night night
GURPS - Generic Universal Role Playing System
HM - Hard Mode
IC - In Character
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IRL - In Real Life
IMO/IMHO - In My Opinion/In My Honest Opinion
LARP - Live Action Role Play
LFG/P; Looking for Group/Party is the key phrase when looking for other members to group with. This can be preceded by a class and level to aid those LFM, ie “LVL 18 Monk LFG”
LFM; Looking For Member (or More, depending on whom you ask) means that you are looking for a team member. Ie “LFM: LvL 18 Monk or higher”, or “LF2M” for 2 monks.
LMAO - Laugh My Arse Off
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game
MPOG - Multiplayer Online Game
NM - Normal Mode
NP - No Problem
NPC - Non Player Character (computer characters, ie a merchant)
OMG/OMFG - Oh My God/Oh My RED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GORED ENGINE GOing God as in when you are standing beside yourself in disbelief.
OOC - Out of Character
PMSL - Piss myself laughing
PST Please Send Tell means that the person asking for it wants the player to respond with a “whisper” command so that only the two players involved can see the conversation.
PUG - Pick Up Group (mixed group of real people)
ROFL - Role On Floor Laughing
RoM - Ruins of Morah (Varesh mission)
RoS - Remains of Sahlahja (challenge mission)
RP - Role Play
RPG – Role-playing Game
RPGs – Role-playing Games
RRP - Restricted Role Play
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now (cya later)
TY - Thank You
WC; Wrong Chat
WTB; Want To Buy
WTS; Want To Sell
WTT; Want To Trade
YW - Your Welcome

Role-Playing Games (RPG's) are fun and enthralling. The immersing affect they have on the people participating is a product of the high level of interaction involved in playing an RPG. As the name suggests, role-playing is central to the experience. To role-play, all one has to do is take on a particular character's role and act it out. In a basic sense, it's like putting on a play without a script. There is a setting and a loose plot. Environmental elements or props are provided, but it's up to the players to create their own stories. Role-playing typically requires a bit of imagination and creativity too. The only thing that separates an RPG from the act of role-playing is that an RPG occurs within the confines of a game structure with general rules put in place to produce a specific and expected experience. RPG's are a package comprised of role-playing and other elements that enhance the experience. Unlike a general role-play setting for uncompetitive acting, the game of role-playing is an experience that usually has winners, losers, rankings, and a motive for playing and competing.

Aggro; When a single monster or group of monsters is attracted to you because you stumbled into their field of view. Drawing too much agro can mean a very quick death, so pull one at a time. You can determine which enemies you’ll aggro in GW by the small transparent circle surrounding the player’s position on the mini-map – if any enemy “trips” over this they’ll be all over you.

AI; Artificial Intelligence. Often refers to the AI of heros and hench along with the AI of enemy npc's. AI level will differ in NM and HM and between low level and high level areas.

AoE; Area of Effect refers to any skill or attack that has an effect (usually a radius of “x” distance from the initial attack/casting point) that will hit more than one enemy. AoEs can take many forms, from offensive spells and attacks to heals, buffs, and everything between.

Battery; This generally refers to a blood necro using skills such as blood is power or blood ritual to keep a constant supply of energy to monks and ele's. Even at low blood attribute settings BR is very helpful to most teams.

Build; This refers to the type of character you play and the skill set that goes with that character.

Buff; Any enchantment that imbues the player or players with a beneficial boost, whether it applies to an attribute, skill, etc. Think of it as temporarily turbo-charging your character beyond his or her normal abilities.

Combos; Combos or combo-ing refers to using two (or more) complementary skills in rapid succession to inflict more damage or increase the efficiency of a buff or heal.

DD; Direct Damage. This applies to any spell that delivers its full payload of damage in one shot, as opposed to spread out over a span of time (DoT).

De-buff; The opposite of a buff, and is any skill, that removes the beneficial effects of a previously applied buff.

Degen; Degeneration. Refers to when either health or energy is stolen, either in a single attack or DoT skills. Zealous or Vampiric weapons also cause degen when equipped. Some Elite areas may have degen areas too.

DoT; Damage Over Time refers to any skill attack, etc with a lingering effect that continues to cause damage after he ability is initiated.

DPS; Damage Per Second is an equation that takes the players character’s variables and generates the amount of “x” damage generated over a “y” span of time. The higher this number is, the better, though, in most cases, this isn’t a number that’s easy to arrive at.

FDS/IDS - Fiery/Icy Dragon Sword

Grinding; The practice of staying in the same general area killing the same monsters (or doing the same task) over and over to earn EXP rather than participating in quests. It can also reefer to exclusively killing monsters to level.

HM; Hard Mode, gained once one of your characters has completed a campaign. You can then select to do an area/mission in HM in that campaign with any of your characters. The enemy will be of a higher level and AI but will provide better drops.

Interrupt; Any skill, attack, etc that disrupts a foe’s ability to launch one of his own. This is an advanced skill as it requires knowledge of how long an enemies skill will take to execute.

Kite; Kite or kiting something is a technique whereby you attack a foe from a distance and then, using an ability to slow (or in a Ranger’s case a pet to harass), you attack the foe from the intended target – like flying a kite, which is where the term derives its name. It can also be done, if the player is fast enough, without any sort of hindrance to a foe.

Knockdown; Anything that causes an enemy to be knocked down on the ground, disrupting their offensive moves ad leaving them open for further abuse.

LB; Refers to Lightbringer Points in Nightfall, ie LB farming

Loot; The spoils that are collected after a fight, and the process of collecting them.

LoS; Line of Sight refers to any skill that require the target to be in view. This means that if the enemy/ally is behind something or over a hill, the attempt will fail.

LvL; This is shorthand for a character’s level, the higher the better!!

MM; Refers to a minion master, usually a necro, who exploits corpses to create a wall of minions.

Mob; The term for any enemy or group of enemies who are tied together via the game’s systems. A mob could be a White Mantle Knight or a full squad of them and a boss. The term is short for “mobile”.

Nerf; To reduce the effectiveness of a certain item, profession, skill, etc

Newb/n00b; Newb or newbie refers to someone who is new to the game (such as a low level character). People using the term in general chat are usually looked down upon.

NM: Normal Mode, the standard mode for areas, as opposed to HM.

Nuker; More commonly referred to a fire elementalist

Pulling; This is a very important concept in GW. As you’ll only want to deal with one mob at a time, pulling is a handy skill the you need to hone to a razor’s edge. It refers to snagging one enemy and/or mob at a time when many are lurking.

PVE: Player Versus Environment. (Includes NPC (Non-Player Character) monsters, traps, riddles, puzzles, etc.)

PVP: Player Versus Player.

Res; Res or Rez is short for Resurrect, which brings someone back to life after they have been felled by an enemy.

Solo; Solo or soloing is the practice of playing an RPG alone. While this is fun, RPG’s are geared towards team work, and in some cases, soloing is impossible.

Spam; Spam or spamming is the practice of using spells over and over again, specifically spells with low Energy cost, low casting time, and low recharge time. Also repeatedly posting the same message over and over in chat in a short period of time (considered very irritating).

Spike/Spiker; To concentrate attacks on a single foe, either by individuals (a spiker) or the team as a whole. ie a PvP Mesmer may have the role of spiking the opponent monk or ele with constant energy degen attacks.

Stacking; Denotes how certain skills can be cast on top of one another to increase damage or the potency of attack or buffs.

Tank; Any player character (or NPC Henchmen) who can serve as a primary melee fighter/damage sponge on the team.

Touch; Usually refers to a ranger or necro using blood health stealing touch skills to kill an opponent.

XP or Exp; Experience points.

Zerg; Zerg or zerg’ing refers to over-whelming a foe with a death of a thousand cuts”. In GW GW Terminology

Commonly Used Skill Abbreviations

This bit may still need updating just doing them off the top of my head here atm

BiP - Blood is Power, necro battery elite enchantment
BR - Blood Ritual necro battery enchantment, not to be mistaken with Blood Renewal
EoE - Edge of Extinction ranger spirit
FW - Favourable Winds ranger spirit
HB - Healing Breeze(traditional)/Healers Boon elite(more recent), monk enchantments
HS - Healing Seed, monk enchantment for tanks mostly
IW - Illusionary Weaponry elite mesmer melee enchantment
LoD - Light of Deliverance elite; like heal party only quick cast, less energy and less heal
LT - Life Transfer, necro blood hex
LV - Live Vicariously, monk enchantment
PS - Protective Spirit, monk enchantment
QZ - Quickening Zepher ranger spirit
SB - Spell Breaker elite monk protection against strip enchants
SF - Searing Flames elite, elementalist AoE skill
SoJ - Shield of Judgement elite monk smite enchantment, not to be mistaken with Signet of Judgement
SS - Spiteful Spirit elite necro dmg skill
SV - Spoil Victor elite necro hex
SV/AV - Sympathetic/Ancestory Visage; mesmer energy/adrenaline draining skill
VS - Vigorous Spirit, monk enchantment
WoH - Word of Healing elite monk heal spell

Common Town/Mission/Area Abbreviations

CP - Command Post (Elona)
COF - Cathderal of flames (Gwen)
DS - Doomlore Shrine (Gwen)
DoA - Domain of Anguish (Elona)
DWC - Deldimore War Camp (Tyria)
ELC - Ember Light Camp (Tyria)
FoW - Fissure Of Woe (All Campaigns)
GoA - Gate of Anguish (Elona)
GoM - Gate of Madness (Elona)
GoP - Gate of Pain (Elona)
GoS - Gate of Secrets (Elona)
HoD - Henge of Denravi (Tyria) (Also HoD Sword - old +5e sword no longer available)
HZH - House Zu Heltzer (Cantha)
LA - Lions Arch (Tyria)
RoF - Ring of Fire (Tyria)
SF - Sorrows Furnace (Tyria)
SS - Sunspear Sanctuary (Elona)
THK - Thunderhead Keep (Tyria)
ToA - Temple of Ages (Tyria)
ToPK - Tomb of Primevil Kings
UW - Underworld
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hey, i just read through the entire thread and did not see IAS. i believe its IAS. i could never figure this one out. though in some posts its used so frequently it must be a phrase in common usage.

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