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Default Comprehensive Hall of Monuments Guide

This FAQ/Guide by Vorsakan

Note #1: Still a work in progress.
Note #2: The wiki is your friend - primarily pitching this thread for novice/prospective players, but can't explain every detail & term here as it would take too much time & space.

Extended Q&A (official one here)

Q. Are Tapestries account wide?

A. No - each individual character will need to supply their own tapestries to fill out their individual HoM. Without a tapestry they will not be able to get credit for anything that would go on that section, irrisopective if other characters of theirs has tapestries in that position.

Q. Where are the items for 31+ points?

Originally Posted by Emily Diehl
After 30 points, the rewards are titles. Just click on the four little squares and it will expand and show you what those are.
Originally Posted by Emily Diehl
Yes! The Hall was designed in a way that allows people to get cool rewards without having feeling like they have to do everything little thing in the game (since that's pretty hardcore). A lot of thought and care went into making the rewards accessible to all people, whether they're super hardcore or more casual.Check it out

John talks about this more in his Kotaku interview.

Q. How are HoM items claimed/do we have to buy them in-game?

Originally Posted by Emily Diehl
You are given the items for free. Well, let me clarify. You will go to the Hall of Monuments in GW2 and talk to an NPC. That guy will make your item for you for no cost. You can make as many copies of the items that you need, but they're account bound (so they can't be traded or sold).
Q. Do we have to use Transmutation Stones to make these useable after the first few levels?

Originally Posted by Emily Diehl
For the Hall of Monuments rewards, we will provide players the means by which they can transmute the stats/appearance of these particular items without having to purchase transmutation stones in the in-game store. The development team is still working out the exact mechanics of this, though.
Q. When I enter a name, why am I seeing acheivements from my other characters too?
A. All HoM achievements are account wide, we're simply used to seeing them per chaarcter in-game (Kimmes can switch this though). So when you enter a character you see all achievements for that account; the name used is entirely inconsequential beyond identifying the account.

Q. I added [achievement] in-game, yet the calculator didn't change?
A. The source which the calculator draws it's info from doesn't update until you log out of GW1; log out then try the calculator again.


Campaign contributions

1st] Eye of the North is required to have access to a HoM!

2nd] Nightfall has the highest contribution overall, with 11 weapons, 13-15 potential heroes, Vabbian armor.
Nightfall also has many of the easiest points to acquire, thanks to it's easily obtainable hero armor.

3rd] Prophecies squeaks into 2nd by virtue of having 11 weapons thanks to a recent game update.

4th] Factions bring up the rear with a respectable contribution of Kurzick & Luxon armor and 2 rare pets (though all campaigns have access to 1).
Factions is the easiest campaign to earn campaign titles in though, due to low mission count and lack of tricky stipulations (mostly just race against the clock).
*In February, players with Factions can participate in the Canthan New Year; with very modest effort, this usually yields a free rare miniature.

All] Having all campaigns grants the hero MOX and the Black Moa Chick miniature.
MOX is immediately monumentable, but in the grand scheme of things this doesn't matter as you'll want to take advantage of Nightfall's easy hero armor upgrades anyway - he only really helps take you to the 10|20|30 companion thresholds (you'll need him to reach 30).
The Black Moa Chick requires a lot of running around and modest expenditure, but has unique rarity; if you're new to GW1, this is your best bet for the "Unique Miniature Statue" achievement short of buying a cheap Factions or Nightfall collector's edition.

Milestone: Heritage Armor

1] "Accounts Linked"
I'd assumed this was to do with NCsoft master accounts, but first-hand reports are that all that is required is having a statue displayed.
3 Points for no effort at all!

2] Either create a Nightfall character - or take a character of another campaign to Kamadan at the earliest opportunity - and choose ranger as your primary or secondary profession so that you can charm an animal companion (keep it with you to level it to 20).

Play through until you complete the Consulate Docks mission, being sure to complete the Zaishen Elite quest chain for an extra hero.

Return to Kamadan and talk to Dockmaster Ahlaro there, who will zoom you to Dahjka Inlet.

Play the Dahjka Inlet challenge mission until you have 4 Stolen Sunspear Armor pieces; these appear in your inventory randomly after defeating Corsair Guild Lords, so even if you can only beat the first few each time you will collect 4 eventually.

Talk to Bahldasareh to upgrade the armor of Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni and whichever acolyte you gained from the Zaishen Elite quest chain.

Travel to the Eye of the North (whichever city you first sailed from will have the quest - you'll be alerted to it after you turn level 10), and follow the instructions provided until you reach the Eye of the North and Gwen joins your party.

She will hand you a Monumental Tapestry, which you should use to activate the Monument of Fellowship (be sure you get that part right!).

Take each of your 4 armor-upgraded heroes to the monument, along with your level 20 animal companion, for 4 more points total.

Congratulate yourself!

- Accounts Linked {3}
- Any Hero Statue {1}
- Any Pet Statue {1}
- 5 Companion Statues (Full Display) {2}

- All Heritage armor pieces
- Gnarled Walking Stick

Tackling: Monument of Devotion

1] Rare miniature.
If you have Factions and the patience to wait till February, the Canthan New Year should bring a free rare miniature for 1 point.
If not, you can purchase a Pig, Rurik or Shiro - these were very cheap (5-10k) before the HoM reveal, no idea if price will rise now.

2] Unique miniature.
If you bought a Factions or Nightfall collector's edition, you can claim the unique miniature (once per account - don't go deleting the character!) by entering /special in your chat box.
This will get you the "Any Miniature Statue" and "Unique Miniature Statue" as soon as you get the Monument of Devotion active (have to play through Eye of the North to earn more tapestries, or take new characters through up to Gwen again), for 1 point apiece.
If you don't have either CE but do have all campaign, you can wait until you earn your Black Moa Chick further down the line (you'll need to visit a number of remote locations, spend 5k and accumulate 10 steel & 50 spiritwood).
If you don't have either CE or all campaigns, you're only real option is to buy a Black Moa Chick as the other uniques will likely be unobtainable within days of the HoM reveal (it's the only inexhaustible unique); the price was 20-30k previously though, and will likely rise now.

3] Any miniature.
If you're not keen on either of the previous 2 achievements, at least achieve "Any Miniature Statue" on its own by purchasing the cheapest miniature you can find; any of the 8 1st birthday series commons.

4] 20 Miniatures.
"20 Miniature Statues" is quite ambitious if you're just starting out, and its feasibility is going to rest entirely on how the market settles; it's worth 2 points so it could be quite cost-effective compared to alternatives, but no way to assess that at this time.
The most practical advice I can offer is that you fill all of your character slots right away; more characters = more birthdays over the years, so while you may not reap any reward for this before GW2 it may yield booty some time in the future (costs nothing but a few minutes, and you can delete them if you ever need the space back).
If you don't see yourself ever reaching 20, don't bother chasing or retaining any miniature beyond your 1st unqiue and your 1st rare - money has so many uses!

Tackling: Monument of Fellowship

You should already have 3 acheivements getting the first milestone, so yay.

1] "Any Rare Pet Statue"
Even a novice can get this happily, playing through Factions; choose the Kurzick route when you reach the point that both factions want you to join them (Jamei will offer you "Journey to House zu Heltzer", after completing the Sunjiang District mission).
Take & complete "The Beak of Darkness" from Rutger zu Heltzer in House zu Heltzer, which will bring your 1st encounter with the legendary Black Moa.
Afterwards, with Charm Animal equipped and and no animal companion, return to where you slew the Black Moa and tame one.
It will already be level 20, so simply map take to your Monument of Fellowship to claim your acheivement and precious point.

If you don't have Factions, your only target is the Black Widow in the Underworld.
This can be done without other players, but it isn't easy; you'll need a team of heroes, and your goal is to complete the "Wrathful Spirits" quest to spawn a spider.
The wiki has all the details & advice, but the basic principles are you will need: plenty of healing, weakness to neutralize the Aatxe, interrupts (on your heroes - they excel at them) to neutralize the Dryder, and you basically want to completely clear each area before activating the next quest stage.

2] "10 Companion Statues"
This is completely achievable, so long as you can get the hang of the weirder challenge missions to earn your hero armor pieces - simply keep playing through Nightfall, and let the wiki guide you through the rest (none of the challenge missions are signposted).
You can buy hero armor upgrades off other players but, unless they're both cheap & plentiful when the market settles, it's a shame not to just earn them - that said; do keep in mind if you're investing more time for no return than it would take just to raise the funds, better to raise funds & pay than soldier on futilely.

3] "20 Companion Statues"
This isn't too bad either actually; when you finish Nightfall, you'll be taken to the Throne of Secrets where you should talk to the 3 heroes you didn't choose during your adventures to gain their services.
This will take you to 12 Nightfall-upgradeable heroes, provide access to the 13th (get "Finding a Purpose" in Gate of Anguish), plus you'll have 1 for each of Prophecies & Factions that you own.
If you have the full 15 you'll also be eligible for MOX (who requires no upgrade), while the animal companion you dedicated earlier will take you to 17.
The remaining 3 will have to come from: Black Moa, Black Widow, Phoenix and EotN heroes.
To upgrade EotN heroes, you'll have to pay for their upgrades or play through the entire storyline and master tricky challenges afterwards.
To collect all 3 pets though, you'll have to venture into the Underworld, complete Factions and raise a level 5 Phoenix all the way to 20 - it's your call which route/combination is the better option for you.

4] "30 Companion Statues"
If you can master the Glint's Challenge mission at the end of EotN, this is actually a breeze - just repeat over & over till you've upgraded all 10 EotN heroes (the wiki will help you find them all, as the storyline only introduces some of them).
Then all you need are the 3 exotic pets.
If you cannot conquer Glint's Challenge: you can buy all the upgrades, but this is only a 1 point achievement - be sure it's the best return on your investment!
If you cannot tame a Black Widow: don't despair - there is some new content on the horizon that will introduce a new hero, allowing you to skip 1 exotic animal and still reach 30.

Tackling: Monument of Honor

1] "Any Statue"
Just finish a campaign (not the EotN storyline) and you have your statue. Huzzah!

2] "5 Statues (Full Display)"
Many routes available here, but the easiest options are: completing the 3 campaigns, the 3 Protector titles, conquering Sorrow's Furnace, maxing the Sunspear title & the 4 Skill Hunter titles (cost money but aren't difficult).

3] "10 Statues"
Complete most of the above list, or branch out in to Hard Mode title tracks.

4] "15 Statues"
If you're approaching 15 statues, you probably don't need my tips any more!

5] "1 PvP Statue"
This looks so enticing for 3 whole points, but if you're a newcomer to the game you probably won't get this in time; you cannot afford to buy the Zaishen statue (200 Zasihen keys of 5k market value), and the PvP titles all take many wins to earn in a very tough veteran environment.
You also make no money nor progress any other acheivements while engaged in PvP, so this achievement is strictly a labor of love.

Tackling: Monument of Resilience

This monument is all about the platinum, and there are few cold truths involved:
#1 If you're planning/dreaming/wishing to reach "7 Armor Statues", core professions are best; they have access to a big block of tame Prophecies armors that later professions don't.
#2 Elementalists & rangers have the kindest material requirements by far; the more armored or exotic your profession, the further you're going to have to stretch to select cheap sets.
#3 The wiki is your personal shopper; read & plan or be prepared to farm & pay.

And always remember: you don't need the headwear to get the statue!

1] "Any Armor Statue"
Ancient armor - from the Bone Palace in Nightfall - is the armor of choice for people who don't like to farm title tracks or pay 20k more than they need to.
If you are reading this and don't like to farm title tracks or pay 20k more than you need to, choose Ancient armor!
N.B. You can get this title for free if you craft Vabbian armor, but if you can stretch to Vabbian armor you're probably within touching distance of 3 armor statues anyway...

2] "3 Armor Statues"
The ideal armor to aim for are the 3 EotN sets, which also cost 40k but require reaching rank 5 in their associated title tracks.
If you carry a Hero's Handbook with you while completing the EotN storyline, you can turn it in to a Historian NPC afterwards for 20,000 reputation - should take you to or near rank 5 in one track (don't choose the Deldrimor track as only the warrior has a monumental set for it - and with horrible material requirements that double the cost).
The rest you'll have to build up the hard way; exhaust their quests then kill monsters while under a bounty effect.


Originally Posted by razor39999
I'd like to add that a relatively simple way of getting a decent amount of points in EotN title tracks is finishing the four fast and easy missions at least once in HM and turning over the unfinished book - Against the Charr (1500 Vanguard points for a first time completion), G.O.L.E.M (use one of the alternate methods described on wiki - 1500 Asura rep), Curse of the Nornbear (1500 Norn rep) and A time for heroes (a whooping 7500 Dwarf points, but that's only useful for a warrior's Silver Eagle armor). After giving in the book to any of the reputation masters, you get an extra 4,500 points in that track. If you finish Finding the Bloodstone and A Gate Too Far missions as well which are a bit harder but not very, you'd get an extra 1500 Norn and 4500 Asura rep, plus 9000 from the book instead of 4500.
If you'd rather just spend the extra 20k (or the EotN sets have terrible material requirements for your profession), research on the wiki.

If you want the point-alicious triumberate: instead save up for your Vabbian & factional sets.

3] "5 Armor Statues (Full display)"
More of the same, but if you're making this kind of money now it might be best to aim higher: the Vabbian & factional armor acheivements.
This is worth 2 points, so it's the peak of armor achievements - after 5 sets you have to consider if there are better use for your money available.

4] "Kurzick or Luxon Armor Statue"
By this point, getting to the sets won't be any obstacle at all; the challenge is the additional 70 factional materials required.
Pre-HoM reveal this'd be a decent extra cost, but now that it's known these sets carry their own point... I fear buying isn't going to be so simple.
The best method may be farming faction and earning the materials yourself (5k = 1 material); I'd recommend farming maps with shrine blessing active, as enemies do drop these materials themselves (rarely) and the money generated has many uses - including buying materials when/if they're in stock.

5] "Vabbian Armor Statue"
If you complete every quest in Vabbi with a Trade Contract reward (they aren't all available initially - wiki to the rescue!) you will earn 27; enough to claim 3 rubies or sapphires from the Vabbi Trade Official, with 6 Trade Contracts left over.
After that, you're at the mercy of the market for the other 11 necessary - as with factional armor, I can't see gems being affordable or even necessarily in stock now that the HoM achievement has been revealed.
The only tips I can offer:
* Read up on Nightfall's treasure spots - hit them all, as they can drop gems for you.
* Memorize/record all of the weapons which have a chance of being salvaged into rubies or sapphires.
* Farm Hidden Treasures in EotN dungeons - not a great likelihood of course, but a better drop rate than any creature.
* Consider making an alt and playing through to Vabbi, for another 27 trade contracts apiece - time consuming to be sure, but if you literally cannot find any gems for sale...

Tackling: Monument of Valor

This one's all about the market. *gulp*

1] "Any Weapon Statue"
Get this for managing one of the followng...

2] "Destroyer Weapon Statue"
This one really shouldn't be too arduous; complete EotN, then buy the gems you need (if that is still viable in the new market status quo), else run whichever dungeon you find easist until you have all 20 - they are common dungeon chest drops, and quite common from Hidden Treasures also.
Most stone monsters drop granite, but a few in particular stand out:
> Hulking Stone Elementals (Old Ascalon, Prophecies) in Hard Mode
> Stonescale Kirin (throughout Kurzick territory, Factions).
> Shambling Mesa (throughout Nightfall).
> Sandstorm Crag (throughout Nightfall).
> Carven Effigy (throughout The Desolation, Nightfall)
A single Destroyer weapon is fully achievable for anyone, it's just a choice of cost vs time investment.

3] "Tormented Weapon Statue"
Pre-HoM reveal, one of these would set you back in the region of 150k - that could hold true, or the cost could rise dramatically now that every account holder desires at least 1.
If you are new to GW1, the odds of you being able to earn these yourself are not strong; takes very sepcialized teams utilizing specific tactics, with little rule for error - if you want to give it a shot, read up comprehensively before putting yourself forward.

4] "Oppressor Weapon Statue"
These never got a chance to stabilize between introduction and HoM reveal, but used to cost anywhere from 45 to 100k apiece - I don't think they're going to soar, though demand will be high among players without Prophecies.
If you have Prophecies yourself, you can pretty-much earn 1 of these playing through the War in Kryta content (wiki it as there are no pointers in-game) after completing the campaign (and EotN too ideally); the quests involved are very tough to do on your own if inexperienced though.
If they prove too much, or you aren't aiming for 5 weapon statues anyway, consider just buying 1 instead.

5] "5 Weapon Statues"
If you've covered all 3 bases at this point - and the market isn't out of control - 2 more Destroyer or Oppressor weapons could be a comparatively affordable path to 1 more point.

6] "11 Weapon Statues (Full Display)"
2 Points on offer, but you've really got to be a money making machine to aim this high or churning through dungeons like a force of nature.
It's not outrageous as a goal, but you may have transformed into a GW1 hobbyist by now. Congrats!
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Some more useful/helpful posts & information in regards to Hall of Monuments and getting points for it:

Originally Posted by Skye Marin
Things you'll need:

* All 3 campaigns and EotN
* Some cash on hand, or a steady surplus income (about 250k minimum, more is faster)
* Patience
* Use of the official wiki, if you lack patience (F10 in-game)
* Skill (just a bit)

First of all, play through all 3 campaigns and EotN, and beat the final missions and all bonus objectives (3 'hero' statues + 3 'protector' statues). I would recommend starting in Nightfall for the Heroes and faster attribute points.

* Complete War in Kryta and get an Oppressor Weapon from your Medals of Honor earned.
* Get MOX.
* Complete the Mini Moa Bird Chick side Quest from Zho.
* Register a L20 PvP Wolf in the Zaishen Menagerie.
* Register all of these items.

(2 + 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 1 = 14 HoM points so far)

* Next, get one Rare Ranger Pet, and 2 Hero armors (~10k each) (+ 2 = 16)
* Buy one Gold Mini Pet (~10-20k) (+ 1 = 17)

Now, things will start to ramp up. Many things will cost much more gold per HoM point, but you still have a lot of content to complete to get more points. If you have the cash and speed is key, just buy up what you need, but until then, complete these other requirements:

Pick any 14 of for following 'easiest' 30 statues: (+3 = 20)

* Beat Sorrow's Furnace
* Beat The Deep
* Beat Urgoz's Warren
* Beat FoW and UW
* Beat DoA
* Gaurdian x 3 + 1
* Skill Hunter x 3 + 1
* Cartographer x 3 + 1
* Vanquisher x 3 + 1
* Master of the North
* Get Sunspear / Lightbringer titles
* Get Asuran / Dwarven / Vangaurd / Norn titles
* Get Rank 4 Kurzick / Luxon titles

With cash / faction earned from vanqing, earn jade / amber for a Kurzick or Luxon armor statue (+2 = 22) and then one Destroyer Weapon (~40k) (+1 = 23), and 18 random white minis (~50k) to give you 20 total (+2 = 25). Next, get 5 more armored heroes / pets (+1 = 26)

For your final 4 points, you can pick from:

* 10 more Miniatures (+1)
* another 10 more Miniatures (+1)
* another 10 more Miniatures (+1)
* 10 more armored heroes / pets (+1)
* Your remaining 10 armored heroes / pets (+1)
* 5 more from the 30 statues listed above (+1)
* Vabbian and any other Elite armor(+2)
* One Tormented Weapon + 2 more other weapons (+2)
* Get 1 PvP statue (+3)

Gladiator is the most accessible, but Zaishen is easiest due to being able to buy out keys. Using 200 keys will earn the title, and some of your drops from the chest can be re-merched or sold for more keys later on. Remember, if you can pick any one PvP type, you'll be making cash from selling keys instead of buying keys for the Zaishen title.

Hope that helps, as I've seen this kind of easy guide often requested. If prices are off or my numbers are wrong, let me know.
Originally Posted by The Easiest Titles
Go for vanquisher for all 3 campaigns.
Doing so will more than likely also get you explorer for all 3.

then you get 1 for completing vanquish in all 3 and 1 for exploring all 3
8 easy titles
I would add Legendary Sunspear and Holy Lightbringer to the list as well, as they can be achieved whilst vanquishing / exploring and Hard Mode Missioning Nightfall/Elona. You could get 5 titles then from one campaign alone.
Sunspear and Lightbringer.

Lightbringer it's very fast playing DoA. Also Eye of the North titles are not hard to get...Just concentrate on one particularly; maybe Delver (Dwarves) title is the easier: do all the quests related to skills and play Dungeons in HM. They give u a lot of points!

Elite skill Hunter is pretty fast, looking on Wiki where the bosses are. Maybe it costs a bit, but it's not hard to get.
Originally Posted by bsoltan
These will get you started:

After all of the below, buy a rare miniature and a unique miniature

Master of Whispers
A pet
Black Moa
6/8 and easily done

Link your account to a HoM
Get Guardian, Protector, Skill Hunter and Vanquisher on each campaign.

Any 5 Elite Armors

For a total of 23. After getting all that you'll know what to do for the rest.
Originally Posted by Kamatsu
Don't forget that even after GW2 is out, you'll be able to keep on playing Gw1 and adding to your HoM - and any new additions will then be usable in GW2. So even if you don't get to 30 before GW2 comes out.. all is not lost

Another thing I'd suggest - if your interested in points, and don't mind waiting 1-2 years for more pets.. use up all your character slots and never delete the characters. Each year you'll get a minipet on each character... (lolz, I have 50+ mini's.. purely because of the # of characters I have and how long I've had them.. hehe - and check, the last point in the mini line is 50 mini's.. lolz)

Also in regard to mini's - make sure to attend in-game events. Quite a few of them have (or had in the past at least) gold mini's that you can get through participating in their finalee events or other means. You can also do the War in Kryta and hand in War Supplies for Royal Gift's.. as there is a chance for getting 3 gold mini's from it. (

As for the armor's - if you can afford it, aim for Vabbian. You might want to get 2 characters through the vabbian quests for added trade contracts for the mat's needed. Getting Vabbian will net you 2 points (any 1 armor & vabbian armor). If you have to buy the mats... it's the most expensive armor to buy I believe.. but if you can get the gems and most of the mats through 2-3 chars.. your set.

and for pets - don't forget the Imperial Phoenix. You can tame it after beating Factions, it also has it's own statue in HoM and adds another option for the rare pet, as well as adding to your total # of statues. It would put you around 55% to 20 statues if you used the above guide.
Jingle Bear in Hall of Monuments?
- It's considered a normal pet for the HoM.
- The only pets that get their own statue are Black Widow Spider, Black Moa and the Phoenix from Factions end game.
Animal Companion statue using PvP Wolf?
Yes, you can use a PvP characters wolf to attain this statue!

What you need to do is create (or log onto) your PvP character and make sure it is either Ranger primary or secondary. Also ensure "Charm Animal" is on your skill bar. Head over to the Zaishen Menagerie and talk to "Emryd, The Tamer" - this will then add the level 20 wolf to your Menagerie account.

Log out and log back in as your PvE character, head over to the Menagerie and then talk to "Wynn, The Zaishen Training Captain" who will be able to summon 5 or so level 20 Wolves for you. Tame 1 of these.

You can now add the wolf to your Hall of Monuments "Fellowship" monument as an "Animal Companion".
Different Armor Statue's?
- Remember that there are different statues for different pieces of armor from the same crafter.
- This means you can have elite armor crafted at the same place (ie Marhan Grotto) either on the same character or on two different characters, and they will both count as a separate statue for the HoM rewards counter.
- Armor type's which are classified as the "same" type/statue will only count once towards HoM rewards.

For a full listing of what armor counts towards what statue, check out The Official Wiki's page about the Armor monument in HoM.

Quick example:

Marhan Ghotto has 3 different statue's possible for it - "Marhan's Grotto Ascended Armor", "Marhan's Grotto Elite Armor " & "Marhan's Grotto Exclusive Armor".

Now say you had 2 different characters of different classes (lets say a Warrior and a Ranger) and both had an elite armor from Marhan Grotto. Here's some possibilities:

1. Elite Gladiator & Elite Druid
= 2 Statues.

Elite Druid = Marhan's Grotto Elite Armor
Elite Gladiator = Marhan's Grotto Exclusive Armor

2. Elite Templar & Elite Drakescale
= 1 Statues

Elite Drakescale & Elite Templar = Marhan's Grotto Ascended Armor
Can I use same/duplicate miniature's to get more points towards HoM Rewards?
- No.
- The HoM reward counter only counts the 1st miniature of each type that gets dedicated.

Thus if you have say 2 Siege Turtle miniatures and dedicate them on 2 different characters, you will only get credited for 1 miniature rather than 2
Can I use same/duplicate Weapon's to get more points towards HoM Rewards?
- No.
- The HoM reward counter only counts the 1st weapon of each type that gets dedicated.
- You would not receive double points or get any further credit towards "full weapon display"

Thus if you have say 2 Destroyer's Swords and put them up on 2 different characters, you would only receive credit for it once - ie 1 point for having a destroyer weapon & 1 point towards displaying a weapon, you would not have the HoM reward counter register you as being 2 weapons towards full "Destroyer" weapon set.
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Extremely useful and well put guide, thanks a lot.
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For Granite Slabs, you can get 6-8 of them by salvaging a single Golem Runestone and they're a fairly common drop from the Golems in Oola's.
DWG setups are fairly easy to learn and should net enough gemstones for an armbrace in a decent timeframe. This also quickly develops the Lightbringer title (but I think HM is needed to max it).
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are we there yet?
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I used my zaishen coins to unlock the black widow instead of going to the UW for my 5 gold zaishen coins and this is also an option to think about.
The zaishen missions will also help you get groups for some of the missions easier (if you are not part of a guild) just follow the zaishen mission bounties and go to the mission out post on the day the bounty is offered.
where is the 'all you can eat' cookie bar?
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Another question....

If I don't have 50 points when GW2 comes out, and I start my characters in GW2, and then later, go back and get my 50 points, will my characters in GW2 be able to obtain the new HoM items and titles that I earned?

EDIT: NEVERMIND. I failed to read the place above where this question was already answered. My bad.
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Default HoM Glitch?

So here's a question that's tweaking me- I have a character who I deleted and then re-made as a different profession. When I input my character names into the HoM calculator, I am getting different #/50.

The Names are: Lord Vivamus, Cyrius Serendipity, and a brand new char, a level 6 mesmer, Isabel Desantos. If anyone can offer guidance on how I can get this fixed, please advise me. Thank in Advance, Lord Vivamus
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Originally Posted by Lord Vivamus View Post
So here's a question that's tweaking me- I have a character who I deleted and then re-made as a different profession. When I input my character names into the HoM calculator, I am getting different #/50.
All names give 35/50 to me.
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In the HoM FAQ it says you will get the GWAMM title in GW2 if you get it in GW1. Is this the account based title (which would mean 25 titles + 5 maxed statues) or the title on an individual charactar?
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Originally Posted by newbie_of_doom View Post
In the HoM FAQ it says you will get the GWAMM title in GW2 if you get it in GW1. Is this the account based title (which would mean 25 titles + 5 maxed statues) or the title on an individual charactar?
The GW2 GWAMM reward title is account wide, but to access it you need to have the GW1 character-specific GWAMM title (= you need 1 character in GW1 to be able to wear the actual GWAMM title).

GW1 GWAMM is only earned by achieving 30 maxed titles on a character; "maxed statues" (I assume you mean the HoM monuments?) don't contribute to it in any way.
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Someone told me that they still plan on releasing rewards for sections 31-50 of the HoM, is this true?
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I haven't heard anything about it. I doubt it's true. 30/50 isn't difficult to get so the item rewards end there, while the more experienced players can get titles (which are additional rewards but are less significant/interesting than weapons and armor).
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Just thought I'll throw in a price estimation of everything:

__________________________________________________ _______________

1 Minature: Year 1 white

1 Rare Minature: Any cheap gold minature

1 Unique Minature: 75k (or free if you do the Black Moa quest)
70k or Free

20 Minatures: 7x Y1 Whites + 2x Y1 Purples + 8x Y2 Whites
21k + 20k + 40k = 81k or 40.5k per point

30 Minatures: 8x Y3 Whites + 1x Y1 Purple + 1x Y2 Purples
120k + 10k + 40k = 170k

40 Minatures: 8x Y4 Whites + 2x Y2 Purples
220k + 40k = 260k

50 Minatures: 8x Y5 Whites + 2 cheapest?
360k + 80k = 440k

Total Cost: 3k + 40k + 70k + 81k + 170k + 260k + 440k = 1091k

__________________________________________________ _______________


Any Armor Statue - Ancient Armor

3 Armor Statues - 2x EotN Armor

Luxon/Kuz Armor Statue
30k (if you plan to use this as one of your 5 armor statues)

5 Armor Statues - 1x Eotn Armor + 60k Armor
100k or 50k per point

1 Vabbian Armor

1 Obsidian Armor

7 Armor Statues
No cost

Total cost = 40k + 80k + 90k + 40k +300k + 1337k = 550 + 1337k = 1887k

__________________________________________________ _______________


Destroyer Weapon

Opressor Weapon

Tormented Weapon

5 Weapon Statues - 2x Destroyer Weapons

11 Weapon Statues - 6x Destroyer Weapons
240k or 120k per point

15 Weapon Statues - 2x Destroyer Weapons, 2x Tormented Weapons
80k + 120k = 200k

Total Cost = 740k
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Noob question - I recently recovered my hacked account, and seem to have 5 points in the HoM calculator. How does one claim the Heritage Armor, or is it a one-time only thing that my hacker no doubt collected?

Nice guide, btw! I am inspired to keep working on this.
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Originally Posted by Romy View Post
The HoM calculator is for Guild Wars 2 rewards only. The Heritage armor you're talking about will be available to you in the new game.
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I was just thinking of adding another armor piece to my set, but not sure which one to go for.

I don't mind paying a bit extra to get something that I like, rather than getting something really cheap and wasting a few resources and platinum that I could have saved for one I do like, and would have the character wear.

I have necro elite Kurz armor on display in my HoM. I went in as my ele, talked to Kimmes, and the armor isn't being worn by the necro, it's being worn by the ele.

My question here is: say, if I got the same armor for another profession, would I still be able to display it? (like 2 sets of Kurz/Monument/Sunspear/whatever). Or is it only able to have one of each elite armor?
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Originally Posted by LanaDarkess
My question here is: say, if I got the same armor for another profession, would I still be able to display it? (like 2 sets of Kurz/Monument/Sunspear/whatever). Or is it only able to have one of each elite armor?
I'm pretty sure it only counts once. You should try to pick another set to avoid wasting your resources.
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Yes each armor set can only be added to HoM once (in extensio : If you have Obsidian armor on 2 different chars, only 1 of them will be able to add the armor to the HoM)

You should be very carefull with Propehices Elite armors as their names can be very confusive. This page might help you :
(NB: You can update material prices to have a better price estimation)
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This may be a dumb question, but if I get a full set of Basic armor(i.e. Warrior Templar) crafted, will that be displayed in HoM and count toward the GW calculator?


"1 Unique Minature: 75k (or free if you do the Black Moa quest)
70k or Free"

What is this Black moa quest you speak of? Where do I find it? I didnt see in on wiki.guildwars?


Is it The Beak of Darkness?
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Originally Posted by Daswede420 View Post
This may be a dumb question, but if I get a full set of Basic armor(i.e. Warrior Templar) crafted, will that be displayed in HoM and count toward the GW calculator?
The elite version of Warrior Templar (crafted in Marhan's Grotto) can be displayed, but not the regular version (crafted in Droknar's Forge). Only elite armor sets can be displayed in HoM.

Originally Posted by Daswede420 View Post
"1 Unique Minature: 75k (or free if you do the Black Moa quest)
70k or Free"

What is this Black moa quest you speak of? Where do I find it? I didnt see in on wiki.guildwars?
This isn't "Beak of Darkness", which gets you an adult Black Moa for the Companionship monument. The chick is a minipet for the Devotion monument that you can obtain by hatching a moa egg in a special incubator. You must own all three campaigns and EotN to do the quest to hatch a chick. There are several parts to this quest, which is explained on the wiki under Black Moa Chick.

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